Spay/Neuter Month!

posted: by: Dr. Spencer Hubbard Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Kittens and puppy in the grass

Spring is finally in the air and in the animal kingdom that means one thing: Babies! Infanthood can make even the ugliest animals cute, however most of us don't have the time, desire, or know-how to manage a pregnancy and subsequent litter. For those of you who may be on the fence about spaying or neutering your beloved pet, here are 3 major reasons to get the snip.

1) Unwanted Pregnancy
You've heard this since middle school and it's still true. It doesn't matter how good your fence is, what your cat's curfew is, or whether your dog is ever allowed outside. When they're in heat, nature is demanding that they find a mate and yes, it only takes one time to get pregnant. We receive many phone calls and give many abortion shots to animals who gave their owners the slip.

2) Breast Cancer
If you could reduce the risk of a common, fatal disease by 92% would you? Of course you would! Spaying your female dog before her second heat cycle reduces her chances of breast cancer by 92%. We see this preventable disease monthly. This statistic alone should convince every pet owner that doesn't plan on breeding to schedule the surgery today.

3) Pyometra
Frequently, dogs who cycle and never get bred will harbor bacteria in the uterus. Some dogs will interpret this as a pregnancy, but instead of incubating a litter of pups, they incubate a serious infection called pyometra. This disease fills the uterus like a balloon full of pus- sometimes up to a gallon! Symptoms are frequently nonspecific and if unnoticed or untreated will be fatal. We do pyometra surgeries almost weekly. 

If your dog or cat or pig or rabbit is 5-6 months old or if you have an older pet and haven't gotten around to fixing them, now is the perfect opportunity to do them and yourself a huge favor.

Please call or email with any questions. Happy Spring!