March 2017 Promotion

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With the weather warming up, the Ohio River Valley is starting to come back to life! While this includes the beautiful plant life of spring, it also includes the pesky insect life. Mosquitoes in this area frequently carry disease, including the causative agent for Heartworm Disease.

This parasite infects the bloodstream and adults take up residence in the heart valves and vessels of the lungs. This causes serious inflammation and even a single worm can be deadly!

The good news is that there are preventative drugs available that kill the infection before it can cause disease. While these drugs are great for prevention, if given to an animal that has a current infection the adult worms will die, causing a potential embolism that can be fatal. 

For this reason, any dog older than 6 months should be screened yearly before starting a heartworm prevention program. 

For the month of March, Central Kentucky Animal Clinic is offering a free heartworm screening for any animal with the purchase of a year supply of prevention. These preventative drugs are also discounted as part of the special.

Click below or contact us to claim your free screening!